Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hey Now.

Every now and then I group come along, up from the deepest darkest ashes of your musical mind and make you want to talk about them. A friend on Twitter posted this track with the lines "literally can't stop listening to this." My intial thought? Bulls**t. After two plays and the prevailing 12 after I am eating my own words and blogging again.

The London Trio; Hannah Daniel and Dot (I know their names because I've just liked the facebook) have come up with an eclectic masterpiece, I absolutely love the vocals and the ambient guitar riff is haunting (in a very, very good way).  Immediate comparisons with The XX will no doubt come around but this, for me anyway, is much better. Let's see how much punch they pack with their next release and in the mean time, keep this one in the deepest darkest of your musical mind and wait patiently. Big up London Grammar. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Justa' Bitter Love.

Nice picture, ain't it. 

There's something very troubling about being at work late at night, large offices once filled with mundane daily duties all of a sudden become a much quieter, lonesome affair.  My office works to the traditional 9-5 (what'a way to make a living) but due to the international spectrum of the industry we run in, a few lucky interns have the pleasure of staying here until 8 at night. Tonight I am stuck with 'Big G. I won't ramble on about Big G, but there are a few things I'd like to share - he has 3 court cases coming up, he's stabbed a man, and shags his ex bird every time he goes to visit his son. 

Anyway, I've suddenly felt the urge to blog again, I don't know whether its something to do with the fear of Big G losing a screw or stabbing me or the fact one of my favourite acts have released a new track. For those who know, The Dead Rose Music company a secretive collaboration who have been releasing tunes for the last year. Their newest track is a blend of 80's snyths and a catchy looped vocals, (courtesy of  Alicia Myers, 'I want to thank you', released in 1981). It has to be said, the track is a grower and it's one of those that until you've heard it out will you fully appreciate the production behind it, but for now though, There's no harm in letting it grow.

To date TDRMC have played solo at parties all over the world but until now have never come together in the public eye, and that, in my humble opinion is what makes them such a fascinating collaborative. For me it stinks of Jesse Rose, huge in the industry, no alias, which is unusual  for record label owners and big name DJ's looking to release without pressure- but who know's. Earlier on this year Solomon played for 7 hours at an event called 'I AM' in the heart of Manchester, I was fortunate enough to be there that night, his set was of the smoothest and genre flowing that I've seen, it's no wonder he was in RA's top 20 DJ's of the year. He finished on an absolute belter, no prizes for guessing who the track was by, enjoy. 

Watch this space.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

It's 8.39 pm and I'm delayed, again, and for the forth time in as many days the big bright lights of 'Whistle-stop Victoria' are all a bit too much and I've found myself with a 4 pack of Kronnenberg, I'm £6.99 lighter and I've nothing but my laptop for company. Being the city boy I am, I've paid for wi-fi and I intend on getting my monies worth.

My lack of blogging recently has been a mixture of things, my life is a shallow cocktail of working, commuting and more working, did I mention I work a lot?  The commute to work takes an hour and quarter and 8 hour days plus a lack of sleep at the weekend gives me little time to get blogging. But here I am. Blogging.

This blogs purpose is shedding light on the world of underground house music in the UK, but first off, let me set the scene. I am a 21 year old intern working in London as a asset lender, (sophisticated? no it's a posh term for a pawnbroker), and the big bad world is finally upon me - life is laid bare in all it's glory and it's right under my nose. Before this I was at uni, selling class C's and working was choosing what to wear to Seth Troxler on a Saturday night. I started working in July this year, rewind 3 months prior to this and I was in the middle of an endless summer in Ibiza, carefree was my middle name. Now however, I'm a working man, I get stressed when my trains are delayed and the words 'customer service' are about as familiar as the gutter on a Saturday night in town. I don't know what I want to do with my life, I don't know what is infront of me and that my fellow bloggers, is terrifying thought. The trick is to not get to stressed, I'm surrounded by some ace people and I've got enough cash in my pocket for that dodgy Moshchino shirt on eBay. 

In the words of Dory, 'just keep swimming'. Wise words indeed. - just incase you haven't had the pleasure.

Rant over, here is the first track I'd like to review, It comes from two brothers based in South London, making some ripples on the underground scene with there flowing synths are delicious loops, having received air time from Jamo and Andy George on Radio 1 earlier this month, 'disclosure' are certainly one to watch. From what I understand their from a musical background and it's evident in all the productions. Without further adue, heres a new one from them and favourite of mine so far:

And if your thinking what you should be, here's another wee treat for you.

And before I go, the lass with the vocals on the first tune is worth a mention, London based Jessie Ware, after hearing she was being produced by none other than Bristols own Matt Walker (Julio Bashmore) I thought the original was worth a listen. I wasn't disappointed, she has an effortless, smooth-spreading voice, and I for one, cannot wait for the album to drop this summer.  

Watch this space.